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Agendas and Minutes

Minutes are published as soon as possible, but do not become the formal record of the meeting until endorsed at the next Parish Council meeting. Meetings are usually held in the Village Hall bi-monthly on the third Wednesday of the month
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File Agenda January 2024 File
File Minutes (Draft) - November 2023 File
File Agenda - November 2023 File
File Minutes - September 2023 File
File Agenda - September 2023 File
File Minutes - July 2023 File
File Agenda - July 2023 File
File Minutes - May 2023 (AMPC) File
File Agenda - May 2023 (AMPC) File
File Minutes (Draft) - April 2023 (APM) File
File Agenda - April 2023 (APM) File
File Minutes - March 2023 File
File Agenda - March 2023 File
File Minutes - January 2023 File
File Agenda - January 2023 File
File Minutes - November 2022 File
File Agenda - November 2022 File
File Minutes - September 2022 File
File Agenda - September 2022 File
File Minutes - July 2022 File
File Agenda - July 2022 File
File Minutes - May 2022 (AMPC) File
File Agenda - May 2022 (AMPC) File
File Minutes - April 2022 (APM) File
File Agenda - April 2022 (APM) File
File Minutes - March 2022 File
File Agenda - March 2022 File
File Minutes - January 2022 File
File Agenda - January 2022 File
File Minutes - November 2021 File
File Agenda - September 2021 File
File Agenda - November 2021 File
Minutes - September 2021 Link
File Minutes - July 2021 File
File Agenda - July 2021 File
File Minutes - May 2021 (AMPC) File
File Agenda - May 2021 (AMPC) File
File Minutes - May 2021 (APM) File
File Agenda - May 2021 (APM) File
File Agenda - March 2021 File
File Minutes - March 2021 File
File Minutes - January 2021 File
File Agenda - January 2021 File
File Minutes - December 2020 File
File Agenda - December 2020 File
File Minutes - October 2020 File
File Agenda - October 2020 File
File Minutes - September 2020 File
File Minutes (Draft) - November 2023 File
File Agenda - September 2020 File
File Minutes - July 2020 File
File Agenda - July 2020 File
Annual Meeting of the Parish Council - May 2020 News Item
File Minutes - May 2020 (AMPC) File
File Agenda - May 2020 (AMPC) File
File Agenda - March 2020 File
File Minutes - January 2020 File
File Agenda - January 2020 File
File Minutes - December 2019 File
Upper Broughton

Upper Broughton is a small village situated on the Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire border in the East Midlands, UK. With a population of some 300 people it is a small, friendly community on the edge of the Vale of Belvoir. Occupying a hill-top position, the village has commanding views over wide open countryside as far as Belvoir Castle. On a clear day you can even see Lincoln Cathedral. Once a farming stronghold Upper Broughton is now mainly a commuter village. Well situated for Leicester, Nottingham, Melton Mowbray, Loughborough and surrounding areas. Original Bailey's Melton Mowbray Pork Pies were once made in the village.


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