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Neighbourhood Plan

What do we want and what don't we want for Upper Broughton?

A Neighbourhood Plan is now well under way. In early October 2017 Survey Packs were distributed to every household in the parish to gather the views of local residents.

Over 100 residents took the time to fill out the survey and the summary of the resutls can be found here.

The results of the survey provide interesting reading and show a fairly predictable consensus. Traffic (on the road and in the air), lack of amenity, a desire to preserve views and green spaces along with the aspect of the village, concerns over development within the village and the desire for the future development of smaller properties all feature. Download a copy and please feel free to feedback your comments.

The next stage is for a draft plan to be drawn up for approval some time in January 2018. If you would like to know more please either contact the Parish Council or one of the Neighbourhood Plan group.

As of late May 2018 the Upper Broughton Neighbourhood Plan is now at the final draft stage and should be online and open for everyone to see and comment on very shortly. Links will be provided from here.


A Neighbourhood Plan sets local planning policies which say how future development should be considered. When approved, it will be used by Rushcliffe Borough Council to help decide future planning applications. It is prepared by and for you, the people and businesses of the parish.


Your views were sought at a public meeting in 2016, and through a questionnaire in October 2017. Using this information, a draft plan has been prepared. The Parish Council now need to know what the residents and businesses of the Parish think about the proposal.


The Pre-Submission version of the information is here


It is crucial to get your views on this Draft Plan.

How do I see on the pre-Submission Neighbourhood Plan?

The plan is available either electronically or in paper format.

Electronic copy: Go to

Paper Copy: A paper copy will be placed in:

The Church

The Golden Fleece pub

The telephone box

How do I make my comments on the Draft Plan?

You can send your comments either electronically or on paper.

Electronically. A comment form is provided on the web site:  Fill in the contact form and click on the send button. Or just email your comments to:

By paper Send your written comments to:

Clerk to Upper Broughton Parish Council, 25 Harles Acres, Hickling, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire LE14 3AF

How can I talk to someone about the Neighbourhood Plan?

There is a drop in session at the Village hall on Saturday 30th June between 10 -12 a.m. Copies of the Pre-Submission Plan will be available. Members of the Parish Council and the Steering Group will be on hand to help with questions and guidance.


The time frame in which comments are invited is formally known as the “consultation period”, and by law must last for at least six weeks.

The consultation period for the Upper Broughton Draft (Pre-Submission) Plan will run from Monday 11th June, to Monday 30th July 2018.

Our Vision

The Plan seeks to ensure that future development makes Upper Broughton a stronger more vibrant community, with enhanced environmental impact and better provision for economic activities, whilst maintaining the “special feel” of a characterful, small semi-rural village. This means:

• Important open spaces and views are protected

• Local services and facilities are retained

• Heritage is conserved

• The character and beauty of the countryside is safeguarded

• Housing development reflects local needs

• The parish is home to a range of small-scale businesses

Please get involved. The future of Upper Broughton is in your hands…





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