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Ramblings March 2015

What does the ‘first day of Spring’ bring to mind?


What does the ‘first day of Spring’ bring to mind? Perhaps daffodils swaying gently in the breeze, little lambs gambolling in fresh green fields, buds bursting forth on on trees, fresh scents on the air, a renewed warmth to the light of the sun and even a hint of Summer to come. I hope at some point during the month of April that these become a reality as I am writing this in March when the struggling blooms are being hit by a biting wind, the sky is a uniformly ‘battleship grey’ and the gas company anticipating record profits from the extended use of central heating. Although the Vernal Equinox passed on March 20th, and Spring has officially begun with the days now longer than the nights, I might know this to be the case with warmth ‘on the way’, but I have yet to ‘feel’ it.
Often when our experience of the world is cold and dark and our situation in life troubles us, lightness of being and joyfulness of heart can seem a remote memory rather than a present reality, and the way to recapture it eludes us. However, the well-worn phrase, ‘the darkest hour is just before the dawn’, is not well-worn for nothing. A sleepless night, perhaps brought about by anxiety, can feel as though it is going on forever, but the sun is following its path below the horizon and will surely dawn to lighten the sky and bring relief. In the darkness of life it is difficult to see the events taking place that will restore our happiness until well after we have regained our sense of joy and with a mind clear of the fog of pain can reflect and give thanks.
The Easter story is one such example. The despairing disciples immersed in the death and misery of the Cross were unaware of the events taking place at the tomb that would transform their sorrow to hope, their misery to wonder and bring life out of death. May the Season, both of the calendar of the climate and that of the Church’s year, bring about a joyful transformation in all our lives.


(The Revd Paul Massey)



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