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Welcome to Upper Broughton.

Information and events in Upper Broughton Autumn 2019

12 & 13 October Upper Broughton Art Show Upper Broughton Art Show — A unique showcase of paintings, sculpture, ceramics and other media Open to all artists, pieces will be judged with trophies and prizes for the winning entries.

W/S Art show

Upper Broughton is a small village situated on the Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire border in the East Midlands, UK. With a population of some 250 people it is a small, friendly community on the edge of the Vale of Belvoir. Occupying a hill top position the village has commanding views over wide open countryside as far as Belvoir Castle. Once a farming stronghold Upper Broughton is now mainly a commuter village, well situated for Leicester, Nottingham, Melton Mowbray, Loughborough and surrounding areas. Original Melton Mowbray Pork Pies were until recently made in the village.

Neighbourhood Plan
What do we want and what don't we want?


The Upper Broughton Neighbourhood Plan

Where are we up to in the process?


September 2019:

David Russel's update…

The latest news on the journey of the plan through the planning bureaucracy is that the government- appointed independent examiner of the Plan version that was prepared in March 2019 ( has now completed his assessment.

The report – against which there is no appeal – is being cross checked for any minor factual errors, and is expected to be published by mid-October 2019.

The indications are apparently that the examiner will recommend some changes to some of the policies, but will approve the general thrust and approach of what was submitted.

If so this would mean that the Plan will not need to be rewritten (phew), and that it is not unreasonable to hope that a referendum on a final authorised version could be held maybe before the end of the year.


July 2019:

We are currently at stage 3. Rushcliffe Borough Council are poised to appoint an external examiner, and have approval from the parish council - the Qualifying Body - to do so. Once an examiner is lined up, the process can continue. I am hoping this will be done soon. Time moves on.
I will let you know when progress is made, certainly at Stage 6.

January 22nd 2019 was a milestone in the process to create an Upper Broughton Neighbourhood Plan. At their meeting on that date, the Parish Council approved a draft proposal of the plan as the version acceptable for submission to Rushcliffe Borough Council. To accompany this Submission Version, the bureaucratic process defined in the regulations requires the submission of several other documents which provide information on how the plan was prepared, and also how the proposal meets the requirements of the 1990 Act of Parliament. All this documentation, including the actual Submission Version, can be accessed via the link below.

There is a web site all about the plan here

If you are interested in becoming involved then please approach the Parish Council.

What is Neighbourhood Planning? - The official line…

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Did you know? You can read the Upper Broughton Magazine Here

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