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Welcome to Upper Broughton.

Information and events in Upper Broughton Summer 2022

Tap & Run burns down.

The Tap & Run in Upper Broughton, formally the Golden Fleece caught fire in the early hours of Saturday 11 June 2022. The pub owned by cricketers Stuart Broad and Harry Gurney is positioned on the A606 in Upper Broughton. Eight fire crews attended the incident. See link above.

Tap & Run in Upper Broughton catches fire

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee
logo and link to Queens Platinum Jubilee official site

Upper Broughton is holding a Village picnic on Cross Green. Sunday 5th June 2pm.

Please come along, dressed for the part and share all the fun on the green with friends and neighbours.


The 2022 Upper Broughton Art Show The 2022 exhibition was another huge success. The new format and change of date to May has been very well received. Many thanks to all who helped make this event so successful. For further details see the UB Art Show site

wide shot of art show

Man falls off bike, poor roads to blame

Hickling Lane in Upper Broughton used to be a well maintained country road, offering expansive views as you drop down into the Vale and beyond. It was a joy to cycle down and a minor challenge to return home.

Over the last few years, for many reasons the lane has deteriorated year by year. A combination of heavy machinery and poor maintenance has resulted in a road which it's tricky to drive down in a car without scraping the underneath as the edges have fallen away leaving high ridges in the centre of the road and numerous pot-holes. On a bicycle it's become a perilous decent only to be undertake by the skilled or foolhardy.

The official line from Nottinghamshire County Council is that there is no money for repairing roads such as  Hickling Lane. Indeed, they may consider closing the road to traffic. Signs warning of 'Uneven Road Surface' appeared a few months ago, as a means of mitigating any claims which may arise for damage to vehicles or persons using the route.

Recently a resident of Upper Broughton a keen cyclist of many years was biking up the lane to the village when his front wheel caught in one pot-hole which swung him towards another pot-hole. The combination leading him to fall off onto the side of the road banging the back of his helmet before coming to a rest. He ended up having to be seen at QMC later that day and some weeks on is still having carry out physio exercises and has been left worried about continuing to use the lane or indeed get back on a bike at all.

Having mentioned the incident to the annual parish meeting and addressing the Notts CC councillor directly, within two days the pot-holes had been filled in, none of the others along the lane, just those two.

Hickling Lane is in a disgraceful state and whilst we all understand that local councils constantly go on about not having any money they do have a responsibility and duty to maintain the infrastructure. As council tax increases year on year perhaps we should ask that more of it is spent on tangible benefits and not policy for this and committees for that.
man falls off bike due to poor road surface

Ghost Bus

The Number 19 bus service which ran from Melton to Nottingham has been suspended. Various ideas were put forward for how to maintain this valuable service. Nottingham CC appeared to want to extend a service which covers Kinoulton and Hickling on to Upper Broughton. They were not interested in negotiating with Leicestershire or the bus operators to continue the existing service. Eventually the revised service will be come some sort of ‘bus on demand’ service, as long as you only want to go to Nottingham.

It would appear that if you wish to go to Melton or beyond you have to travel to Nether Broughton and take a service from there.

An empty Notts Ghost bus does now come to Upper Broughton, turns right on to  Bottom Green to Top Green, never stopping and then back towards West Bridgford. If this is Notts CC or Rushcliffe’s idea of running a service then they’ve not communicated it very well. If anyone is better informed on this let us know.

New play equipment on Cross Green — Update
Had not been made aware that the new play equipment was funded by the National Lottery Community Fund so apologies to them.

New slides and swing on Cross Green June 2021Logo of the National Lottery

Village Hall Update
The Upper Broughton Village Hall is now open and available for bookings See More


Upper Broughton Tennis Club (UBYSC)

Spring Tennis… it's nothing like Monkey Tennis.

The Upper Broughton Tennis Club or UBYSC (Upper Broughton Youth & Social Club) has been in constant use since the early 1950's. Now in the 2020's the playing surface, lighting, club house and organisation have kept pace with modern expectations.

Any day of the week, any time of the year and now well into the evenings with the assistance of flood lighting there is seemingly always a game being played. A coaching session being run, singles, doubles, tournaments, desperate lobs being hoist, grudge matches to be settled, serves that were definitely IN, calls that were so clearly OUT.

The club is a great facility to have in such a small community and should be supported by all of us.

The Upper Broughton LTA page

A history of the Upper Broughton Tennis Club
tennis history

Extra content
Sometimes things come in that need a place and should be seen.
• Comment on the Roads in Upper Broughton


The Upper Broughton Neighbourhood Plan

• Online at Rushcliffe Borough Council

What is Neighbourhood Planning? - The official line…

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You can read the Upper Broughton Magazine online (links to external G-Drive pages)

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Upper Broughton

Upper Broughton is a small village situated on the Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire border in the East Midlands, UK. With a population of some 300 people it is a small, friendly community on the edge of the Vale of Belvoir. Occupying a hill-top position, the village has commanding views over wide open countryside as far as Belvoir Castle. On a clear day you can even see Lincoln Cathedral. Once a farming stronghold Upper Broughton is now mainly a commuter village. Well situated for Leicester, Nottingham, Melton Mowbray, Loughborough and surrounding areas. Original Bailey's Melton Mowbray Pork Pies were once made in the village.


St.Luke's Church

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