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Welcome to Upper Broughton.

Information and events in Upper Broughton Spring/Summer 2021

COVID19 — Help for villagers in Upper Broughton

During this time of crisis the villagers would like you all to know you are not alone. We have compiled a list of people willing to help with any shopping, prescription collection and any other tasks that you might be unable to do yourself should you be isolated. For further information you can call Katherine 07812 994305

Government Guidance | NHS Covid19 | NHS 111 Online | Latest NHS Vaccination information

New play equipment on Cross Green

After seemingly months of waiting new swings and slides have been installed on Cross Green.
There is a new 'toddler' swing, new double swing and new slide along with all the approved safety equipment and standards that have to be adhered to. 
These facilities have been brought to you by Upper Broughton Parish Council, so a big thanks to them.

New slides and swing on Cross Green June 2021

Village Hall Update

The Upper Broughton Village Hall is now open and available for bookings See More


Upper Broughton Art Show update
At an extraordinary outdoor meeting of the Art Show committee on the 19 May 2021. Discussions centred around questions such as, would all restrictions be lifted? Will the new variants take off? Might people still be cautious of crowded indoor events? After summing up all these and many more considerations it was decided to move the show to mid-May 2022.
We are also looking for a new, enthusiastic team of people to come along and re-invigorate what has been a highly successful formula for the last 37 years. See more on the UB Art Show Site

Some of the Art Show team meeting on Cross Green May 2021
Art Show meeting on Green

Someone stole the internet…
If you've recently found your internet/phone is off it may be thanks to another theft of the main Openreach cable through the village, along Station Rd and up towards the A46. The current cable had only been in a few weeks, following an earlier theft.

In the first theft what they do is come along and open up the cable covers in the road, cut off the ends then wait until night and pull out the cable with something like a quad bike before bundling up and taking away. On both occasions the theft happened where the Mid-shires way crosses Station road.

In order to install the replacment cable Openreach have to lubricate the cable path, this makes it easier then to be stolen. Apparently the police arrived on the night of 18 May after an alarm had been triggered and nearly caught the thieves but they made off along the Mid-shires way towards Old Dalby on Quad/Argocat type 4x4's. These thefts are due to the commodity price of copper rising recently. Most of the stolen cable apparently ends up in a container on it's way to the Far East, no questions asked.

According to one of the Openreach men they are removing all the cable so that if the villains come back to retrieve the it they won't find any. Looks like it could  take a long time to restore full service.

On a brighter note Openreach are installing Fibre to the village so it will soon be fibre to your property, enabling much higher internet speeds and being glass of no value to criminals. However, it will cost additional £££ to use the service.

Upper Broughton Tennis Club (UBYSC)

Spring Tennis… it's nothing like Monkey Tennis.

The Upper Broughton Tennis Club or UBYSC (Upper Broughton Youth & Social Club) has been in constant use since the early 1950's. Now in the 2020's the playing surface, lighting, club house and organisation have kept pace with modern expectations.

Any day of the week, any time of the year and now well into the evenings with the assistance of flood lighting there is seemingly always a game being played. A coaching session being run, singles, doubles, tournaments, desperate lobs being hoist, grudge matches to be settled, serves that were definitely IN, calls that were so clearly OUT.

The club is a great facility to have in such a small community and should be supported by all of us.

The Upper Broughton LTA page

A history of the Upper Broughton Tennis Club
tennis history

Neighberhood Plan


The Upper Broughton Neighbourhood Plan

• Online at Rushcliffe Borough Council

What is Neighbourhood Planning? - The official line…

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Did you know? You can read the Upper Broughton Magazine Here

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Help for villagers with shopping, prescriptions etc.
07812 994305

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Upper Broughton

Upper Broughton is a small village situated on the Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire border in the East Midlands, UK. With a population of some 250 people it is a small, friendly community on the edge of the Vale of Belvoir. Occupying a hill top position the village has commanding views over wide open countryside as far as Belvoir Castle. Once a farming stronghold Upper Broughton is now mainly a commuter village, well situated for Leicester, Nottingham, Melton Mowbray, Loughborough and surrounding areas. Original Bailey's Melton Mowbray Pork Pies were once made in the village.


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